Cloud based team software solution

Cloud based team solution to prepare your sailing team for the
Olympic Games in Tokyo and all World Sailing Events.

SailTokyo is the first software that supplies comprehensive guidance for
Olympic Sailing Teams.

Core element of the tool is the unique routing algorithm that reflects the characteristics of Olympic boat classes. It enables you to create models of currents from your measured data. In addition it offers various wind patterns and current models for education. It comes with charts of all World Sailing venues.
SailTokyo is equally perfect for coaching, educating or preparing and analyzing races.
Teams collect, store and share their data in their own cloud.
Buell’s software products have proved their excellence at the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016. They are also very popular with top sailors worldwide who rely on the accurate routing and tactical information since many years.


What is the idea of SailTokyo?

SailTokyo is a comprehensive software tool based on three pillars:

Learn how to react in various patterns of wind and currents.
Compare up to four boats with different configurations.

Check the fastest routes before your race.

Collect and save any kind of data for your team.
Add supplementary software extensions to boost the value.

What is the hardware environment of SailTokyo?

Desktop solution (PC or Mac):
Runs the main software and covers all aspects of the tool.

Mobile Apps:
Serve special tasks, are easy to use on the water. E.g.:
Coaches: For measuring currents, preparing races, tweaking last minute information to their sailors.
Sailors: Individual coaching tools.

Stores all data and shares them with team members only.

What is the advantage of SailTokyo for my Team?

  • SailTokyo relies on buell-software’s unique routing algorithm – the only one that is tailored to the needs of Olympic sailing boats.
  • SailTokyo is highly valuable for preparing, coaching and analyzing races.
  • SailTokyo helps you to turn your measurements of currents and wind into a model and identifies the fastest routes.
  • SailTokyo manages all relevant team data with easy access for all team members.
  • Buell software offers software-extensions and services to turn your SailTokyo into a solution customized to your needs.

Demo Version and manuals:

You can download the software for a free trial at Products.
Find manuals and guided tours at Tutorials.


You want to learn more about SailTokyo?
You want to turn your demo version into a full version?
You need advice with one of the features?
Please don’t hesitate to contact me!