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Our Products:  SailTokyo   and   Race Aera Analyzer:

SailTokyo is a software for ambitious sailing teams –
From Olympic teams up to America’s Cup.

It is ideal to
– Analyze sailing areas (currents and wind)
– Prepare races by finding the fastest routes
– Analyze tracks and perfomance figures
– Share data in a cloud based knowledge base.

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Race Area Analyzer
Wind – Currents – Routing – Tactics
Beat the currents – S
ail faster! 

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What is Race Area Analyzer ?
Tactical advice for sailing in tidal currents –
– always at hand on your device.

Determine the fastest upwind, downwind and reach courses in tidal currents and wind with Race Area Analyzer.

Currents – Charts of tidal currents in high resolution.
Routing – Tailor made for your sailing boat.
Tactics – Advice for tracks and manoeuvres.
Wind – Expert tools allow import of GRIB wind data.


Get ahead of the fleet with Race Area Analyzer. The app for winners.
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Race Area Analyzer is developed by physisists, mathematicians and world-class sailors.
The routing algorithm is tailored to the needs of Olympic or round-the-can races and inshore racing. It also considers the individual target speeds of up to 1,000 different boat classes.
The solution has proved it’s excellence at the Games in 2012 and 2016 as well as (World-) championships of many boat classes – from Etchells up to Maxis. It is very popular with top sailors worldwide who rely on the accurate routing and tactical information since many years.
Does the software support your boat-class? Find out here.